Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Friday’s early bird special is for all authors and aspiring author joining us early. You’ll be meeting at Shoney’s at 1pm in the back dinning room,  just down from Holiday Express here is the address 814 S Cumberland St, Lebanon, TN 37087. This is just for authors who has arrived early that just wants to chat about writing etc.  This is not mandatory for anyone to attend.

Friday October 4th

Pricing Your Indie Book Correctly

Pricing Your Indie Book Correctly

Before you can set a price on your book, you need to know several things.
1.            What did it cost you to produce and publish it?
2.            What are the distributors’ and/or retailers’ fees for each book sold?
3.            What is your “valued” competition charging for like titles?

Let’s think outside the box for a minute. You are grilling out steaks tonight. Are you buying your steak at the dollar store, or are you going to the grocery store or wholesale club to get them? Why? The steak at the dollar store is only $1, and the grocery store, steak is probably a minimum of $5 or $6 for the lesser quality steaks. The same thing you are thinking about that dollar store steak, and yes, there is steak at a lot of dollar stores, is what people think about books sold at $0.99.