Friday, August 16, 2013

Attending author Amy Kesler character interview

This interview takes place between In the Light of the Moon and Dance in the Moonlight.
 Interview by Amy Kessler

Name: Coran Hemming
Age: I’ve stopped counting years
Species: Werewolf of the Immortal flavor
Side in war: Lucius’, non-Circle supporting vampires, basically, it gets complicated.

1) What is your connection to Lucius?
            I work for him. Though, not in the same way Kassity does, but I do work for him. I’m not one of his killers and I have been with him for a long time. I owe him a debt and my life.

2) Do you have a mate?
            No. I did at one point, but she was killed by the Circle. She was my fated and the only one that I want.

3) Do you belong to the local wolf pack?
            I work with them, but I don’t actually belong with them. Even if we are all wolves we are different types. I will help them when they need, like in the case of Kassity’s control problem. Or security issues that come up, it never hurts to ally with a pack that large. They have a treaty with Lucius as well, in the city most people do.

4) How much do you know about this war that is going on?
            More than I want to admit. I’m old enough to remember when the feud blew up. Back when the Circle thought they ruled everyone and the Originals started to go into hiding or hibernation.

5) How do you feel about the other characters? Anyone you like? Hate?
            I didn’t like Kassity at first, but the cat kind of grows on you. I have a roommate Orion, we’re close like brothers. Lucius…well that’s a special kind of like-hate relationship. 

6) Where are you from?
            Originally? Ireland, but that was a long time ago. I still have a slight hint of an accent, especially when I’m upset.

7) Do you have any family?

            Living blood, no, but there are several people I consider family and mine. I would do anything to protect them. It’s a short list, but they are all I have. I had young siblings growing up, but none of them survived to teenage years. That was before my Immortal mark showed up.

8) Coffee or Tea?
            Coffee, always coffee. It’s a great comfort drink, but only good coffee. None of the cheep crap.

9) Pork Chops or Steak?
            Steak, rare, preferably done on the grill.

10) Alcoholic drink of choice?
            Dark ale, but it’s rare that I drink. Only The Corner and Tegan’s bar carry ones I’ll drink.

11) Do you have pets?
            Does Orion count? Pretty sure he can count as a pet…

12) What is your dream job?
            I love my job as a bartender, but if I could do anything. I would want to work with children, especially those with no families. Sadly, my life style doesn’t allow for it.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Attending author Jacqueline Rhoads guest post on the Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life
By Jacqueline Rhoades - Romance Author
And IndieRomCon Attendee

Nothing sets a romance reader’s temper flaring quicker than being told whatever romance novel they’re currently reading is nothing more than chick porn. While I have no statistical data to back me up, it seems that most of these comments come from men.

Now, those of us who read a wide variety of Romance novels will be the first to point out that there is a lot of sexual territory covered between what is commonly called sweet romance and the red-hot realm of erotica. So anyone making the claim about the entire romance genre obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or do they?

According to Webster, my go-to guy for definitions, pornography can be defined as “a portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement.” Hmmm. So what does this say about the reader who sighs deeply and lets her fantasies run wild over a passionate, fully clothed kiss under the proverbial apple tree? To me, it says she’s not a whole lot different from the reader who gets the same boost from an erotic BDSM novel. Eroticism is in the mind of the beholder, is it not?

We all have different thresholds and opinions about what we consider sensual or sexy and romance novels have always pushed the envelope for what is acceptable sexual behavior for women. Historically, that’s been the argument against them from the beginning. Romance novels make us think and dream about things conventional society is uncomfortable with. It allows us to fantasize about people and circumstances outside our everyday lives. Good for us!

There is a vast difference between reading and viewing. It is one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed horror stories, but rarely watch horror movies. Watching movies, I’m at the mercy of the director. I can’t yell “Cut!” if the scene becomes too vivid. When reading, my mind’s eye has a filter on it that prevents me from ‘seeing’ more than I can handle.

I believe this is true for romance readers as well. We can filter those sex scenes into something we’re comfortable with by skipping, skimming or visualizing the scene with as much or as little detail as our personal preference dictates.
We buy the books written by authors who fulfill our romantic tastes in their writing. Depending on our age, our stage in life, our upbringing, our attitudes toward sex and even our hormonal predilections, those tastes may change from year to year, month to month or even day to day as the mood strikes us. How wonderful to have such a huge selection of authors and books to offer us such a variety.

We may argue amongst ourselves as to how much descriptive sex is necessary for our enjoyment, but I think we can all agree that romance is first and foremost a love story and that is where our ‘chick porn’ differs from the other kind. Sex, even mind-blowing sex is not enough to satisfy any true romance reader. There has to be something more, something emotionally deeper between our romance novel’s protagonists for us to get that romantic high and for many of us, that includes a Happily Ever After ending or at least a Happy For Now.

That’s the real turn-on for romance readers and for those who laugh about our chick porn, there’s some statistical data out there you might want to look up. Women who fulfill their fantasy lives through reading romance novels tend to engage in more frequent sex and enjoy it more!

So for those who make derisive comments about Romance readers, I say this: instead of ridiculing us for our chick porn, maybe you should go out and buy your significant other a romance novel. Better yet, read one yourself.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Charcter inteview by attending authro Tonya Kappes

Book title: A Charming Wish
Character’s full name:June Heal
Publisher: MagiCal Press
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release date: March 11, 2013
Tags for your book: cozy mystery, paranormal, romance,
A short bio on this character:
June Heal is a homeopathic curest who discovers she has magical powers when she relocates her flea market homeopathic cure shop, A Charming Cure, to the magical town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky.

1.How did you first meet your writer? There was a vacancy in her head, so I just sort of moved on in. She told me that she didn’t like witches. . .

2.Want to dish about him/her? I concoct my best homeopathic cures in the middle of the night, my cauldron seems to work best during those hours, and Tonya is always awake with this little notebook in her hand. She never sleeps! I bet if she would give up one of her three pots of coffee she drinks a day, she might get a little shut eye. I left a message with the Sand Man to drop Tonya visit.

3. Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book? Never! I’m just a small town Kentucky girl.

4. Tell us about your favorite scene in the book. Tonya continues to write about my life, so in the third novel, A CHARMING WISH, she started with my story when I found out that I had a genie bottle in my shop. . .with a genie living in it!

5. Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you? Yes! Tonya always wants to write my story her way or the way she thinks I should live my life, but I keep telling her NO! It’s my life and I can live it how I want to. Sometimes she does have some good ideas with new potions.

6. What do you like to do when you are not being actively read somewhere? I love spending time with my fairy-god cat, Mr. Prince Charming and my boyfriend, Oscar Park. Hanging out with my friends that live in Whispering Falls is a lot of fun too.

8. Tell the truth. What do you think of your fellow characters? I absolutely adore them! Each of them have a special magical talent that is disguised by their store front. I love how they interact with their clients. Shandra owns A Cleansing Spirit Spa. Her clients think they are getting a manicure, but Shandra is really reading their palm. All of Whispering Falls is like that!

11. What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they've known you for a while? I hope they walk away feeling much better than when they first met me. Most of the people I meet want to purchase one of my homeopathic cures for a something like heartburn, but I add an extra ingredient once my intuition

12. What's the worst thing that's happened in your life? What did you learn from it? I lost both of my parents at a young age. It has been a hard long road learning all the ropes of life without their guidance. I’ve learned to trust my intuition. It hasn’t failed me yet!

13. Tell us about your best friend. I have three! Mr. Prince Charming is my fairy-god cat who showed up on my door step with a turtle charm hanging on his collar on my tenth birthday. I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet! I knew we were going to be fast friends. He has never left my side and I’m twenty-five.
Madame Torres is my snarky crystal ball. Even though she is a pain in the rear sometimes and we argue, she always has my best interest at heart.
Last but certainly not least, Oscar Park is my childhood best friend turned boyfriend. He is strong, caring, and looks out for my best interest. I hope our friendship and love can stand the test of time with

14. How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change? There are a lot of changes that only Tonya and I know about. I’m not sure if those changes are good or bad. I guess we will have to wait and see.

15. What aspect of your author’s writing style do you like best? I love how she adds humor to my life of chaos. I don’t think my life is funny, but she writes it in a way that makes readers laugh out loud. 

16. If your story were a movie, who would play you? I adore Mandy Moore. I think she would make a great me!

17.Describe the town where you live. MAGICAL! Whispering Falls is settled in the foothills of Kentucky, surrounded by beautiful mountainous limestone and Kentucky bluegrass. The town is filled with quaint shops. Each shop has a gorgeous ornamental gate that leads you into magical store with special powers. When a tourist comes to our small town, they can’t wait to come back.

18. Describe an average day in your life. I have to have my coffee first thing in the morning. Then Mr. Prince Charming and I go to my shop, A Charming Cure, and start working on new homeopathic cures. When a client comes in, I rely on my intuition to what is the root of their ailment, and then I make them the perfect cure. After work, I tend to spend some alone time with my boyfriend. Lately, I’ve been in a little pickle. Someone was found dead on the steps of my shop. Needless to say. . .someone is framing me for murder! Any free time I have, I’m trying to figure out who wants me gone.

19. Will you encourage your author to write a sequel? She is on the third novel. I think she has six in mind J