Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 list of readers panels and workshops

I would like to first start off by saying this convention is directed by a reader (myself) so I won’t be letting readers down without having something for them.  I want this convention to host, not only workshops and panels for authors, but I want you the readers to learn and have fun with the authors too.  Therefore, you too will have workshops and panels, just for you, the readers.

 The 2013 convention is going to be small, why? Since it's the first convention I want to get to know you the readers and authors and find out what each of your needs are in a convention, therefore I can apply them in the coming years. I don’t want this convention to be like others where a reader or even the authors go without gaining something from the experience. So, for those of you who will brave the first attempt, we will be having a day's worth of workshops and panels for you to have fun and learn from these authors. I’m putting of thought for this idea, but I believe the readers need things to do too. 

Readers have the power to help or break an author. I hope you would want to help your favorite authors and not break them so I feel in doing this, you the reader, need to learn the best way to help your favorite authors grow.   So if this idea works, than you'll find more workshops and panels in the coming years to help you grow in your reading adventure. 

IRCPanel-Let’s talk about sex scenes: Well, there is no need to state what this panel will be about. LOL. There are different romance sub-genres authors on this panel, so you’ll have lots of different POVs.

BDSM Workshop: Author Kallypso Masters is hosting a BDSM workshop, with special guest Toymaker and eirocawakening. No need to explain this one either, but it’s a shame I have to miss outL

IRCWorkshop-The Indie explosion: Find out how and why these authors are growing so fast and who knows, you just might be able to give a helping hand.

IRCWorkshop -Readers Know your romance sub-genre, abbreviations and the difference between romance, erotic romance and erotica.  As a review blogger/reader I see so many readers are confused with the different romance sub-genres and things that deals with romance, like labels and such. So I hope this workshop will help clear any questions you have in your mind.

IRCWorkshop- Everything You Need to Know About M/M Romance (But were Afraid to Ask): M/M romance is growing very fast and I hope you can find the time to visit this workshop. I know there has to be something you’d like to learn in M/M romance.

IRCWorkshop- Careers in the Indie Publishing:  This has to be the first of any convention out there or at least I think. I see so many areas where these authors can use the help. Some are good paying with just a few years of college all the way to simply making up your own rules and creating a second job to help with your income. I also will be covering, free stay at home jobs like review blogging. So if you need any extra income please don’t miss this workshop.

*Skype Time: Overseas author Dianna Hardy.  This is for 50 attendees. The 50 attendees will be able to see and talk to Dianna through a Skype projection. She’ll also be sending autographed book plates and exclusive paper back copies of her Happy Anniversary short.

IRCWorkshop- Sexy Romances featuring characters who are over 40: With me being over 40 I love reading books that targets my age, so I hate to miss this workshop because I know the author hosting this will be loads of fun.

IRCWorkshop-How to Host Virtual Tours correctly: This workshop is for blog tour hosts or for readers thinking about hosting tours to make some extra money, which will be covered in the Careers workshop.

IRCWorkshop- How to write reviews: Again you the readers have the power to help your favorite author, but sometimes you need to learn how to go about this so here is one way to help your favorite author.  By attending this simple workshop you will learn some techniques which you can take back home and apply.

IRCPanel-Behind the scenes of an Indie author: We know you’ve always wondered what all an Indie author has to do to publish a book, so here is your chance to attend a panel where you can pick an Indie author’s brain and find out.

IRCPanel-Keeping your favorite authors on your bookshelf: We all need to know how to keep our favorite authors on our bookshelf.

IRCPanel-Interacting with & Engaging Your Readers: This one is going to be one twisted panel because you the reader will be the panel while the authors will be your audience. I myself can’t wait for this one. Since I am the director I will be over this panel, so I'm not giving out info on this one. *wicked grin* I will say I hope this is a learning tool for everyone.