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Claudy Conn and Candice Stauffer guest post

Claudy Conn and Candice Stauffer 

 Two hunks stood in a large modern kitchen and eyed one another grimly. The large Scottish hybrid looked at his friend and mumbled, “I doona like cooking, Dragon Man…” Chase shook his head as he picked up the turkey and dropped it on a platter.
“I was just thinking the same thing, but I was also thinking you’re doing such a great job I should get the hell out of here and leave it to you.” Joseph hands him a bowl of stuffing. “I think it goes in that end.”
“Careful lad, or ye won’t like the end I’ll be putting it in…” Chase grinned wickedly.
“I would rather be buried in the basement and left for dead again than be in this kitchen cooking this dinner.”
“Aye, but there ye were letting yerself be twisted into this by yer fine lass, as was I by mine.” Chase sighed and then eyed his friend hopefully, “Why doona we just take our lassies out…and be done with it?”
“It’s not an option. They said we couldn’t do it. Taking them out would prove they were right. In their pretty little wicked minds, we would be admitting that a turkey conquered us. I can hear the stories now.” Joseph pointed at the turkey. “You need to get the bird stuffed so we can put it in the oven or we will never hear the end of it.”
Chase glared at him warningly, “Why doona ye stuff the bird?”
“What about magic? We could just…” Leaning his hip against the counter, Joseph accidently pressed the power button on the blender throwing its sticky mixture of fruit and sugar all over the kitchen, and all over them.
Chase burst out laughing and pointed a finger, “Ye best be leaving the magic to me Dragon Man…”
Joseph and Chase looked at one another in mutual horror as their ladies had just arrived at the kitchen’s wide archway and where they had begun to giggle…
“Oh poor babies…did a turkey get the better of you?” Roxie teased.
On the very tips of her toes, Mia took her time and licked some of the sweet fruit from Joseph’s jaw. “Yummy.” She turned to Roxie. “They’ve done such wonderful job with dessert. We could allow them to admit defeat, clean up the mess and take us out to dinner without fear of anyone else learning that a turkey did them in. What do you think?”
“Oh yeah…but first…” Chase takes her hunk hybrid by the hand, “I think I’ll clean him up.”

Meet Mia and Joseph in Exquisite Breath of Darkness: by Candice Stauffer
Being a nearly invincible immortal warrior, Joseph Payne had never paid attention to time, but now time consumes his every thought because he is running out of it.

Fate is about to rip Mia Harte, the only woman he will ever love, out of his arms because she belongs to Eli Thomas, the relentless alpha male of one of the strongest lycan packs in the Pacific Northwest.

And here’s a little teaser:

She rushed him and, with a burst of lycan strength, took him down onto the floor.
For a few seconds, she sat motionless, her gaze not once wavering from his. He’d never even imagined a more exquisite woman. From the moment he’d first taken her hand at the cemetery six months ago, she’d become as essential to him as the air he breathed. For many years he thought he would never find a love as strong and as pure as her love. Now, he couldn’t fathom a life without her. He never wanted to try.

Too afraid to move, to touch her, to do anything that might stop her, he kept his fists clenched as his sides. He watched. He waited. He hoped for more. The sight of her on top of him, looking down at him with so much love and lust in her eyes, stole his breath away. It was his perfect fantasy made reality. He’d never experienced anything nearly as glorious until she reached down to touch him.

Her fingers never stopped touching his body, moving over him, exploring him with such obvious fascination and hunger that he was trembling with pleasure, with anticipation for more. “I really want to hate you right now, Joseph. I can’t believe I’m burning up for you like this. I’m going crazy. I’m not even sure of what to do with you.” Moving slowly, she leaned down, stretching her body over his. “I’ve never needed anything more than I need you right now. I have to touch you.”

Her breath was deliciously hot against his skin as her lips moved from the base of his throat to his jaw. “Oh, damn, Mia.” Closing his eyes, he savored the sensation of her mouth and tongue playing over his skin. He knew he needed to stop her. “Mia.” Her name came out sounding like a strangled groan. Her teeth gently teased his chin, jaw, neck, and ear. “Wait.” His pulse thundered in his ears. Nothing inside him wanted to detour her from touching him. How the hell was he going to regain control of his body’s demand for her?

“I feel alive when I’m with you.” Her fingers worked on unknotting his tie until she’d pulled it off. She framed his face with her hands. “Look at me, Joseph.” He opened his eyes. “Stop holding back. I need you to touch my body, every part of my body. Lose control with me. I need to feel every inch of your skin against mine. Need me, burn for me like I’m burning up for you.” Her mouth felt heavenly in the most sinful of ways feeding on him as her fingers worked to undo his shirt buttons. “Touch me, Joseph.”

Meet Roxie and Chase in Shadowlife-Hybrid, by Claudy Conn
Chase MacAdams is a hybrid with extraordinary abilities…
Roxie is an Indian beauty, a shapeshifter on her mother’s side and hales from a little known tribe in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Her father is an immortal—Scottish by choice and time.
Thus, a friend, Nikki Walker thinks and rightly so, that Roxie will help in the fight against WB and his vampire clan. They need help because the vicious vampire now has Count Dracula on their side and all of Europe is in danger.
However, they have given Roxie a difficult task. The team wants her to visit with Chase in the highlands of Scotland and convince him to join in the fight.  He has already refused, but Nikki doesn’t think he will refuse Roxie MacBran.  And for all the wrong reasons he doesn’t…
And a teaser:
She knew he was three hundred years old—talk about messing with an older man—however, it was difficult to keep that in mind when he looked to be in his late twenties. In spite of the fact that she liked doing things for herself, she felt a certain flutter of pleasure as he helped her out of the car and saw her to the beautifully arched oak door.
A moment later he had opened the door and stood aside for her to enter first. She had to brush up against him in order to pass inside. A sensation rushed through her body, and a wave of heat infiltrated her loins. He made her feel hot, wet, and ready …
She had to get control. What was happening to her? She took in a deep breath and turned to him to say good night. Her mouth opened and stayed that way, but nothing came out.
All at once he scooped her into his arms, wrapping her in an embrace that left her breathless and wanting more. She knew she should object—damn, she knew she should run. Object, she told herself, but instead, her traitorous body pressed against his as he bent his head to hers and touched his mouth—oh, that sensuous mouth—to hers.
Her mouth was already open and ready for his kiss, and when that meeting took place, she lost herself to him. His touch vibrated wildly through her body as his tongue introduced itself to hers.
Run! her brain demanded. Run now … but how could she when rockets were blasting away any route of escape? Hunger real and overwhelming eclipsed all logic, all other considerations. She was hungry for this … no … for this from him, from this bold and feral man. Stop! her mind hissed. This is only because you haven’t been with a man in so long, she told herself … stop.
His kiss turned into two and three, and then suddenly, just as she wanted to tear off his clothes and have him, he was the one who pulled away.
And when he spoke he sounded as though he were panting—no, wait. She was the one who was panting.
He said, “Forgive me,” turned on his heel, and was gone.
She stood but reached for the wall to steady herself.
Holy shit! What was that?

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