Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Schedule 2013

Friday’s early bird special is for all authors and aspiring author joining us early. You’ll be meeting at Shoney’s at 1pm in the back dinning room,  just down from Holiday Express here is the address 814 S Cumberland St, Lebanon, TN 37087. This is just for authors who has arrived early that just wants to chat about writing etc.  This is not mandatory for anyone to attend.

Friday October 4th

Registration starts: at 3:00pm and it is healed at your hotel

All workshops below are open to all convention attendees

Comfort Suites Meeting room, seating limit is 100

4:00-6:30pm BSDM Workshop open to all: Author  Kallypso Masters is hosting a BDSM workshop, with special guest Toymaker and eirocawakening.

8:00pm Pizza Meet and Greet with Featured author Victoria Danann

Holiday Inn Express meeting room, seating limit is 50

4:30-5:00pm IRC Open to all Workshop: How to Host Virtual Tours correctly: Speakers are Nikki McCarver and Myra Nour

5:00-6:00pm IRC Open to authors panel promotions: Village Style with moderator is Myra Nour with Nikki McCarver, Seraphina Donavan, A.R. Von

Day’s Inn Meeting room, seating limit is 50

6:30-7:00pm IRC authors workshop: Finding your writing niche: Speaker Donna McDonald

7:00-7:45pm IRC Open to all workshop: Sexy Romances featuring characters who are over 40: Speaker Donna McDonald

Saturday October 5th.
* Readers you’ll find 3 special readers and author events under the author’s workshops and panels so make sure you check them out and sign up for the ones you would like to go to.

Comfort Inn Suites meeting room for all convention attendees, seating limit is 100
8:00-:9:45: IRC Open to all panel- Marketing, Promoting, and Social Networking: Author appearing on the panels are:  Moderator Victoria Dannan with authors Red Phoenix, Kallyspo Masters, Christine M. Fairchild, Leigh Savage and Victoria Vane. Open to all attendees

9:50-10:25: IRC Open to all Panel:Let’s talk about sex in romance: Authors appearing on this panel are: Moderator Annabel Joesph with authors  Angela Brown, Kym Grosso, Annabel Joesph, Donna McDonald, Lori Birghton, Hallee Bridgeman and Kallyspo Masters. Open to all attendees

10:30-11:45: IRC Open to all panel: Young Adult- Authors appearing on this panel are: Moderator C. Marie Mosley with authors Angela Brown, Heather Gunter, Heather Allen and Andrea Heltsley.

Lunch 12:00-1:00

1:00-1:30: IRC Open to all workshop -Readers know your romance sub-genre, abbreviations and the difference between romance, erotic romance and erotica Speaker: L J Deleon Open to all attendees

2:00-:3:00: Exhibitors and Bloggers Hall. Open to all attendees

3:30-4:45: Attendees book signing (Open to the public but all con attendees are first)

5:00-6:00: IRC Open to all event: A Win, Lose or Draw: Authors are Eve Langlas, Angela Brown, Heather Allen and Amy Kessler. Each author will have 25 players so make sure you sign up for the authors you’d like to play A Win, Lose or Draw with. Open to all attendees

Holiday Inn Express maximum seating is 50.  These workshops and panels below are for authors and aspiring authors, with the exception of the two underlined special reader’s events.
The workshops and panels below are open to authors and aspiring author’s, with the exception of the 3 limited reader and author events*

7:00-8:00: Attending Book bloggers private breakfast with authors meets in the Holiday Inn Express meeting room. This breakfast is for the bloggers that helped promoted the authors on their blogs during the year.
8:00- 9:00:  IRC authors workshop: How to write BDSM: Speaker Annabel Joseph

*9:20-9:40: Reader event-Skype Time: Overseas author Dianna Hardy.  This is for 50 attendees. The 50 attendees will be able to see and talk to Dianna though a Skype projection. She’ll also be sending autographed book plates and exclusive paper back copies of her Happy Anniversary short.

9:50-10:50: IRC author workshop: Indie vs. NY press: Speaker Caris Roane

11:00-12:00: IRC author workshop: World building: Speaker Caris Roane

Lunch 12:00-1:00
*1:00-1:30: IRC reader event Q&A Cupcake Roundtable with Eve Langlais: This is a reader and author event for 30 attendees.

1:40-2:10: IRC  Open to all  Workshop: Everything You Need to Know About M/M Romance (But were Afraid to Ask): Speaker Jordan L. Hawk

5:10-6:10: IRC author workshop:  Formatting books to eReaders: Speaker Carol Webb

Days Inn, maximum seating is 50. The workshops and panels below are for authors and aspiring authors, with the exception of “How to write reviews”

*8:00- 9:00: Reader workshop:  How to write reviews- Speaker Vanessa of The Jeep Diva. This is not a workshop for blog reviewing; this workshop is to help readers learn how to write simple reviews, so they can help promote authors on places like Amazon, Goodreads etc. Open to all attendees

9:10-9:50: IRC author workshop-Piracy: speaker Seraphina Donavan

10:10-11:10: IRC author workshop: Indie vs. Small press: Speaker Jordan L. Hawk

11:15- 12:05: IRC author panel: Indie Publishing 201- The most important things: moderator is Donna McDonald (This will cover beta readers, editors, proofreading and cover art.) This is one panel not to be missed if you’re struggling in any or all of these fields.

Lunch: 12:00-1:00

1:10-???: IRC  Author workshop: Pricing your Indie eBooks and Giveaways: Speaker Wild About Bones
6:10-6:40 Open to all: Charity swap with Cindy Callaway

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