Friday, August 16, 2013

Attending author Amy Kesler character interview

This interview takes place between In the Light of the Moon and Dance in the Moonlight.
 Interview by Amy Kessler

Name: Coran Hemming
Age: I’ve stopped counting years
Species: Werewolf of the Immortal flavor
Side in war: Lucius’, non-Circle supporting vampires, basically, it gets complicated.

1) What is your connection to Lucius?
            I work for him. Though, not in the same way Kassity does, but I do work for him. I’m not one of his killers and I have been with him for a long time. I owe him a debt and my life.

2) Do you have a mate?
            No. I did at one point, but she was killed by the Circle. She was my fated and the only one that I want.

3) Do you belong to the local wolf pack?
            I work with them, but I don’t actually belong with them. Even if we are all wolves we are different types. I will help them when they need, like in the case of Kassity’s control problem. Or security issues that come up, it never hurts to ally with a pack that large. They have a treaty with Lucius as well, in the city most people do.

4) How much do you know about this war that is going on?
            More than I want to admit. I’m old enough to remember when the feud blew up. Back when the Circle thought they ruled everyone and the Originals started to go into hiding or hibernation.

5) How do you feel about the other characters? Anyone you like? Hate?
            I didn’t like Kassity at first, but the cat kind of grows on you. I have a roommate Orion, we’re close like brothers. Lucius…well that’s a special kind of like-hate relationship. 

6) Where are you from?
            Originally? Ireland, but that was a long time ago. I still have a slight hint of an accent, especially when I’m upset.

7) Do you have any family?

            Living blood, no, but there are several people I consider family and mine. I would do anything to protect them. It’s a short list, but they are all I have. I had young siblings growing up, but none of them survived to teenage years. That was before my Immortal mark showed up.

8) Coffee or Tea?
            Coffee, always coffee. It’s a great comfort drink, but only good coffee. None of the cheep crap.

9) Pork Chops or Steak?
            Steak, rare, preferably done on the grill.

10) Alcoholic drink of choice?
            Dark ale, but it’s rare that I drink. Only The Corner and Tegan’s bar carry ones I’ll drink.

11) Do you have pets?
            Does Orion count? Pretty sure he can count as a pet…

12) What is your dream job?
            I love my job as a bartender, but if I could do anything. I would want to work with children, especially those with no families. Sadly, my life style doesn’t allow for it.

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