Monday, September 16, 2013

Attending author Holly Roberts guest post

Tied up in knots over Shibari verses Kinbaku

In Japanese, the word Shibari means “to tie” or “to bind,” the contemporary meaning of Shibari refers to Hojo-jutsu, an ancient Japanese form of rope bondage. Hojo-jutsu, was used by the Japanese from the 1400 to 1700’s to restrain captives. In the late 1800’s Hojo-jutsu took on a sensual aspect and became known as “Kinbaku,” the art of erotic bondage.

Truthfully, I’m fascinated with both Shibari and Kinbaku. Both require incredible artistic skill but I feel Shibari is the erotic spirituality of rope, artistically connecting with the human body, whereas, Kinbaku is the sexual aspect of bondage through the intricacies of rope. And yes, the two can merge, so I leave it to readers to decide their own interpretation.

Please visit The Art of Contemporary Shibari at  for a look inside the amazing talent of some of the world’s finest Shibari artists. Leave yourself a good amount of time to explore, I promise you’ll need it.

In my book duo, “Two Doms For Angel” and “Caught By Two Doms,” Nathanial Monroe is a mysterious Shibari artist and a deadly killer for the U.S. government. For Monroe, rope is a mystical apparition. Shibari soothes his internal demons allowing him to artistically shape his creative genius.

Zachary—former Marine and police lieutenant is a man with hidden erotic fantasies. Monroe introduces Zachary to the BDSM lifestyle and weaves his magical rope into Zach’s soul.

During Zachary’s job as a SWAT commander, he rescues a woman from white slavers and is touched by her incredible strength. Knowing he will never see her again leaves Zach with an emptiness that he doesn’t understand.

While hiding his strong feelings for Zachary, Monroe rescues Angel from her destructive loneliness with plans to reunite her with Zachary. But… Monroe never counted on the Angel intertwining herself into his life and his heart.

Two friends, one amazing women, and a bond that brings three people together like the intricate knots of Shibari.

I will be signing the combined edition of “Two Doms For Angel” & “Caught By Two Doms” at IRC in Tennessee and can’t wait to meet readers and fellow authors.

See you there,
Holy Roberts

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  1. Thanks for the information, Holly! As an erotic romance author, I ran across shibari in others' writing. As a fiber and textile artist, I knew shibori as a stitching method designed to leave intricate patterns in fabric after dyeing. Turns out shibari and shibori aren't that different - it's just the canvases! I really enjoyed this post.