Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 sponsorship

Welcome bags- Victoria Danann
Lanyard Sponsorship- Tonya Kappes
Pouches for Lanyards Sponsorship

Program guide
IRC 2013- Program guide b/w ¼ 300x 262 ads 30 available at 45.00 each
IRC 2013- Program guide color ¼ 300x 262 ads 1 available at 55.00 each

Pizza meet greet event sponsorship
Full sponsorship included full 24 x 36 poster board ad with your provided graphics 500.00
Half sponsorship included half of the 24 x 36 poster board ad with your provided graphics 250.00
Quarter sponsors includes 1 quarter of the 24 x 36 poster board with your provided graphics 125.00

Convention sign this sponsorship is for our sign pointing to the building we are hosting the book signing at. This is a 100.00 sponsorship. I will need you to provide me with a logo or your name and website so I can add it on the sign.

Mexican table sponsorship
Sponsor a table for 150.00 (20 available) I will need you to send me your graphic for a 7 x7 sign for the table.

Registration table sponsorships
This is for the welcome banner on the tables. You can either have your logo, or a book cover or name on one side of the banner 50.00 each (1)

All graphics needs to be sent back to me at by August 31, 2013
Items to be sponsored

Swag for welcome bags : This is for non-attending indie authors, bloggers  cover artist, editors, etc.  who would like to send some swag to place into the welcome bags. Items can be bookmarks, pens, book covers etc.

Books: If your an Indie author that would like to send some books for prizes or to to add in welcome bags.

2013 Convention will have a total of 50 authors and 150 readers, bloggers etc.

Please mail the items to
Indie Romance Convention
c/o Laurie Garrison
2306 Briarcliff  DR
Lebanon Tn 37087


  1. What about goodies or swag for the welcome bags?

  2. Thanks Seraphina, I thought I added it but it was only on the website, so I added it here too.

  3. Hi Laurie! Is there a fee to be included in the swag bag or do we just send you the pieces?

  4. Laura, No, there is no fee, I meant to add that but I forgot. Sorry.