Friday, July 19, 2013

Reader events sign up

Below you'll find our limited seating readers and authors events. If you have already payed for your registration, than please email me (Laurie) and tell me which event below you would like to attend.

 A Win, Lose or Draw workshop has 4 authors. You need to pick one author to play this game with. Limited only 25 readers per-author - Eve Langlas, Angela Brown, Amy Kessler or Heather Allen

Reader event- Q&A Cupcake Roundtable with Eve Langlais This is for 30 attendees.

Reader event-Skype Time: Overseas author Dianna Hardy.  This is for 50 attendees. The 50 attendees will be able to see and talk to Dianna though a Skype projection. She'll also be sending autographed book plates and exclusive paper back copies of her Happy Anniversary short.

There are no other workshop or panel to sign up for this is it. 


  1. Laurie, I'm registered. Please add me for all three events, or if not possible, my prioritized list as follows:

    1. Win, lose, draw (as reader)
    2. Q&A cupcake
    3. Skype Dianna Hardy

    Thanks so much.

    Mary McFarland

  2. Mary, which author to you want to play A Win, Lose, or Draw with?

  3. Hi Laurie,
    Win , lose or draw - Heather Allen
    Q&A Cupcake
    Skype w/Dianna Hardy.
    My bags for A.B. McKinley will be at least $100.00, just for your information.
    How can we buy the tickets?

  4. Suzanne to get the tickets you'll have to see Cindy our Charity Swap director at the convention.

  5. Please add me to
    1. Win, Lose or Draw - Angela Brown
    2. Q&A cupcake
    3. Skype w/ Diane Hardy