Monday, October 1, 2012

About the staff/contact

I hope everyone is getting ready for our very first ever Indie Romance Convention.
We very overwhelmed with the response so far. As some of you know, I run a book review blog – Bitten by Paranormal Romance ( 

My staff and I didn’t just pop up out of the blue; we have been around for several years now. As a book review blogger, I noticed a lot of Indie press authors didn’t attend conventions like the other authors do, and most conventions didn’t even allow them in. So I decided since there are so many Indie press authors whose stories I adore, and who I would love to meet, I decided to give a hosting an convention just for Indie authors a good test run to see if anyone would be interested. “WOW!” Is all I can say.

I know this first year will be small and very tight getting classes in, but I wanted to use this first year to really learn the authors’ and readers’ wants and needs to make this convention grow the way they need it. You see, conventions are not about me making it the way I want it. No, it’s about you – the authors and readers. I need to see how you guys react to things and hear what you have to say to be able to make it better each year.  In saying this, I do now realize this year will be way too short time-wise. I am very sorry we set this up for only one day, but I will make it up to all of you because in 2014, we will run for 3 days, and we can grow from there. Just as the Indie press world grows, so do we.

The staff and I are really looking forward to meeting you this coming October! 

2013 Staff
Director- Laurie Garrison contact is
 Designer/Promotions-Autum Bredmose
 Registration- Danielle Schmidt
 Awards director-Debi Calcorzi
Charity swap directior- Cindy Callaway

This is just the blog for the convention please visit our website for the list of authors and more.